Polyester staple fibre is « the » synthetic fiber, a world leader.

This fibre has excellent qualities of mechanical strength and can easily be recycled.
It brings excellent resilience for all filling activities.
Polyester staple fiber is also recognized for its flame retardant properties.

Polyester staple fibre Bicomponent (Low Melt fiber or Bico fibre) has excellent binding properties for padding / wadding production dedicated to furniture, bedding, or automotive industry.
A variety of finishes on Polyester staple fibre allows different handles e.g : slick and siliconised fibres and various antibacterial treatments.

Our Polyester staple fibres are available in White and Black (Spun Dyed Black).

Main markets and application field for Polyester staple fibre
-Automotive Industry: needle felt (soundproofing of the vehicle)
-Furniture: wall and floor covering, filling wadding for sofa
-Bedding: padding for quilt, pillow, cushion, mattresses
-Insulation material (sound and pure thermal or mix with natural fibres)
-Nonwoven Industry (Geo textiles, medical application)
-Filtration (foods and others)
-Traditional textile (spinning for clothing)

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PLA Ingeo™fibre is a biopolymer. This fiber is the first tradable polymer created from renewable resources, totally produced from corn.

This PLA Ingeo ™ fibre presents high biocompatible qualities and biodegradables. It is an ecological alternative in various areas.
The development of its production has enabled its use in furniture and fashion.

PLA Ingeo™fibre has a soft and velvety consistency, and after compression it can easily regain its original form.
PLA Ingeo fibre also presents exceptional properties of moisture control.
Moreover, PLA Ingeo fibre is free of impurities.
It has been demonstrated that it does not cause any allergic reaction (hypoallergenic).

Main markets and application field of PLA (polylactide) INGEO™ fibre:
-Nonwoven industry
-Fashion, Garment

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